Business Management Suite by Sky Systemz

Everything You Need to Track and Optimize Your Business

Sky Systemz is your business’s all-in-one solution for digital payments and all the features you need to operate your business. Our platform also provides a Business Management Suite of software with sophisticated bolt-on technology ranging from analytics to customer management to rewards programs to customer review captures. This allows our customers the flexibility to customize our Platform to their desired user experience and access to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

Not only can you capture payments for your business with Sky, you can also store and analyze your data to determine the health of your business. Let us show you how consolidating all of your business software under one roof reduces your expenses, increases efficiency and allows you more time to focus on running your business with ease.

Insightz by Sky

Insightz by Sky is a next generation, bolt-on analytics powerhouse built directly into your Sky Dashboard. From here, the data is aggregated from your Cloud POS, online store, employee management system, as well as our many other bolt-on services to give you an overall picture of the health of your business. This data will provide you the necessary information to accurately forecast, budget, increase productivity and identify issues or trends to improve your customer experience.

Customer Management

At the center of any business is its customers. Sky’s Customer Management software is a free feature that allows you to create a database to store your customer’s information. The more you know about your customers, the better your relationships that you can build with them.

Relationships are the key to ensuring your customers keep coming back. Sky’s software allows you to store customer information such as phone number, email, address, card-on-file, or add notes about your customers. This profile also stores your customer’s purchases and makes it easy to send an invoice, request payments, or create new charges directly from the customer management tab.

Many Sky users choose customer management as their point-of-sale because of the improved experience in working with customers; It is advantageous to have previous orders and customer notes upfront while you are having a conversation.

Employee Management

Employee Management allows you to manage your individual employees with ease. Quickly set up unlimited employee profiles with unlimited custom settings.

Each employee can have their own personalized profile and pin code to log in. You control what features and services you want your employees to have access to and create internal controls to enforce policy.

For example, you may want one employee having access to all transaction data and another that can do refunds, whereas all other employees can only process payments; such a structure will improve internal losses.

Time Clock is also stored in the employee management feature. The time clock allows you to set employee wages, track hours and generate detailed reports per user for payroll.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is another free feature that provides a full retail experience for you, your employees and your customers. If you have an inventory list, you can import a CSV or XLS file that will set up your inventory almost instantly. You can also transfer existing inventory from other point-of-sale and inventory management solutions for easy migration to Sky.

Each transaction automatically updates your inventory count and you can create sophisticated inventory rules for better management. You can track overall inventory of products and categories but also attributes, variables and the modifiers of those products with special identifiers for each.

Product Management

Product Management is a little different from Inventory Management. Inventory focuses mostly on your stock levels, whereas product management allows you to control the details. At the macro level, you can group and organize your products by category. At the individual product level, you can set pricing and add modifiers, attributes or variables to the product.

Take a pair of Nike shorts as an example. You must account for size, color and fit. Retailers often use these relationships to create streamlined buying experiences for consumers on a point of sale system or online stores. Sky’s product management suite is sophisticated enough to understand the most complex product relationships and simple enough for small businesses to learn.

Security Management

Built into each module of our Business Management Suite are high-level security management features to reduce risks for your business. Whether utilizing your inventory for managing loss prevention or restricting employee access through the permissions, we guarantee that your data is kept safe and secure..

Sky Rewardz

Sky Rewardz is a customer loyalty program that allows your business to market to your customers by earning merchant specific points. Your customers will need to download the Sky Rewardz app onto their phone. Each purchase will allow customers to earn points which are stored on the app. As a business, you can offer rewards to redeem at your store via discounts or free products. The customer then cashes in their points to redeem the special offer. This is great customer engagement and a marketing tool for your business, and it’s free!

Reviewz by Sky

Reviewz by Sky makes it easy for you to add links to your social media accounts at the bottom of your digital receipts. Customers are encouraged to click these links to go to your Facebook or Google accounts to leave a review for your business. You can even add a custom text message to encourage customers or offer incentives to complete reviews on your social media sites!

Next Steps

So, if you’re a medium-sized business looking for business management software, look no further than SKY Systemz. Our Operationz & Business Management Suites of software is versatile and can handle all of your products, services, inventory, and merchant preferences. Not only do we provide the most versatile software available on the market, but we also offer “Pass the Fee" built right into your dashboard. Passing the fee allows your customers to pay credit card processing fees, instead of cutting into your bottom line. While this is optional, almost half of Sky merchants utilize this feature. If passing the fee is not for you, we still offer the lowest rates in the industry. If you process at least $20k a month, we are willing to negotiate custom pricing.

At Sky, we’d like to offer you a 30-day challenge! Sign up for free with no contracts or commitments. If after 30 days you aren’t satisfied with our software, services or rates, no hard feelings! You can simply let us know you’d like to discontinue services, but we don’t think you’ll want to switch back! To get started, please fill out the request form below and a member of our team will contact you within the next 24 hours!

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