SkyFi Business Checking Transaction Limits1,2
Incoming Funds Limits Limit
Maximum Daily Limit $150,000
Maximum Monthly Limit $150,000
Outgoing Funds Limits Limit
Maximum Daily Limit $200,000
Maximum Monthly Limit $1,000,000
Cards Issuance Limit
Maximum Physical Cards per Bank Account 5
Maximum Virtual Cards per Bank Account 25
Purchase Transactions (limits per card)3 Limit
Maximum Purchase Amount per Transaction $100,000
Maximum Daily Purchase Amount $200,000
Maximum Monthly Purchase Amount $4,000,000
Maximum Number of Purchases per Day 200
Cash Withdrawal Transactions (limits per card) Limit
Maximum Cash Withdrawal per Transaction $500
Maximum Daily Cash Withdrawal Amount $1,000
Maximum Monthly Cash Withdrawal Amount $5,000
Maximum Number of Cash Withdrawals per Day 25

1. Merchants may request higher limits if the standard limits are insufficient; Sky Systemz will work with our financial partners to make accommodations.
2. Transaction limits apply to those transactions initiated via SkyFi. Transactions initiated at external financial institutions, such as sending an ACH or Wire from an external bank to SkyFi, do not count against these limits.
3. Debit card spending limits are independent of outgoing funds limit; the standard $1M outgoing funds limit does not prevent the full $2M debit card spending limit from being

SkyFi Business Checking Fees
Item Fee
Domestic Incoming Wires $1
Domestic Outgoing Wires $5
International Incoming Wires $20
International Outgoing Wires $20
ACH Returns/NSF/Stop Check $15/occurrence
Check returns $35/occurrence
Physical Debit Cards Free for standard shipping
USPS Priority: $10
UPS Next Day: $25
Foreign Exchange Fee 1% of transaction amount
Disputes $15/occurrence
Monthly Service Fee Free
Remote Check Deposits Free
ACH Transfers Free
Sky to Sky Transfers Free
ATM Transactions No additional charge (you may be charged a fee by the ATM provider)
Minimum Balance None
SkyFi Business Checking Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 options available to fund your account. You can initiate an ACH pull by linking an external account via Plaid, you can deposit a check, or you can push funds to your account from an external bank by either ACH or wire. If you are a Sky Paymentz customer, you may also link your SkyFi account to Sky Paymentz to receive your merchant processing deposits there as well.

There are 3 options under the “Send Money” menu. First is “Send to Contact”. From this menu you can save information for a contact, which may be either a person or a business, and send funds via ACH, wire, check or Visa card. Second is “Intrabank Transfer”. This option allows you to send money instantly to any other SkyFi user for free. Third is “To Another Bank” which allows you to link an external account via Plaid to send funds via ACH.

From the homepage of the app, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Add a Card” button. You can create multiple virtual debit cards and set different limits for each.

STransfers within the SkyFi network are instant. This is a great way to make payments to other businesses within our network.

Incoming ACH transfers typically post withing 3-5 business days, though speed may vary based on external banks. Outgoing are typically delivered more quickly, typically 1-3 business days. online store

    Check deposits typically post withing 3-5 business days

    Outgoing wires will generally post same day if they are sent before the cutoff time. Typically, they are posted to external accounts in 2-3 hours. Incoming wires should also generally post same day, but this is more dependent on exactly when the transfer is sent by the initiating bank.

    Absolutely! Simply contact Sky Systemz and let us know you would like to change your linked checking account to your SkyFi account.

    Transfers to the SkyFi account of another business or individual do count against the limits, but only against the account initiating the transfer. E.g. If Business A sends money to Business B, the transfer counts against the outgoing limit of Business A, but not against the incoming limit of Business B.

    Domestic Wire: 1:00 PM PST
    International Wire: 6:00 AM PST
    Same Day ACH Cut-Off: 9:45 AM PST
    Next Day ACH Cut-Off: 2:45 PM PST
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