See what makes Sky’s restaurant POS different from the rest
See what makes Sky restaurant POS different from the rest
Customize SkySystemz for Your Restaurant POS & Service Business
Customize Sky Systemz to Become a Restaurant POS

There is no reason to spend 1,000s of dollars on a restaurant POS.

Sky Systemz is so versatile that you can customize it to accept payments, perform back end functions, and act as a sophisticated POS for your restaurant. This illustrates how much you can do with Sky Systemz, that it can literally work with any business. No matter if you are a florist or own a chain of restaurants.... Sky Systemz has the tools and features you need to stay one step ahead.

Send Order Notes

Need to print your orders with special instructions? Simply hard press items from the review screen and add any notes you wish. The notes will then be shared with the kitchen.

These notes are specially delivered to a location of your choosing, whether it be a kitchen printer, a secondary tablet, smartphone, or saved to your open orders. While practical for use in restaurants, you could use this same functionality to take orders at any business.

You could take orders over the phone or in-person for services or products to be delivered and paid for at a later time. By using this function, you can customize the order and access the open ticket at any time in the future, along with a receipt and custom invoice automatically generated.

Regardless of how your business decides to use this feature, your kitchen or service staff will obtain the information they need.

Access, Edit, and Pay Open Orders

After the restaurant order is placed, or the service is complete, you can access the unpaid ticket from the “open orders” page on your mobile device.

As an administrator, you can open, review, edit, and pay any open ticket. However, your staff with PIN code access will only open and pay the tickets they created.

Likewise, if you use this feature for your service business, your staff may access open yet complete orders from any location by using their PIN code to take payments out in the field.

Hence, this functionality is perfect for the hospitality industry, but ideal for any service industry that creates estimates and provides services prior to payment.

Kitchen Monitor for Restaurants

Accept and organize dine-in, call-in, and online orders as they come in.

Sky’s Kitchen Monitor keeps your restaurant running smoothly while orders come from different directions.

Unlike competing solutions, Sky’s Kitchen monitor is completely free

Complete Suite of Services to Grow Your Restaurant

Sky is perfect for tableside, delivery, curbside, or window-service restaurants.

Leverage an online store that is fully connected with your restaurant’s point of sale system to maximize your food preparation time, service, and delivery.

Streamline your curbside to-go business by texting orders to your customers before their arrival. This allows you to deliver food to their vehicle with low wait times.

Restaurant Merchant Account & Free Restaurant POS

All the features and tools your full service restaurant, diner, or quick-service establishment needs to be successful, manage costs, and optimize gratuity for your service staff without the obscene costs that our competitors charge.

With Sky, you get a restaurant merchant account with industry low rates and access to a powerful free restaurant POS all in one place, with personalized customer service and no middle man.

Sky Systemz has all the tools and functionality your restaurant needs to be successful, including complete services for dine-in, quick service, curbside, and delivery services with POS and online store technology. Best of all, Sky Systemz is absolutely FREE regardless of how many users, roles, terminals, or stores.

Our restaurant offer
  • Free restaurant POS regardless of how many users, permissions, roles, or stores
  • Simple, elegant POS that accelerates order time
  • Streamline curbside with text to pay
  • Online store that works seamlessly with your restaurant POS
  • Kitchen monitor that organizes POS, online ordering, and call-in
Sky is helping restaurants during the pandemic
  • Generate an online store
  • Streamline curbside business
  • Reduce or eliminate processing costs
  • Eliminate POS costs with our Free solution
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Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace by using services from ODP Solutions, Inc.

We do so by providing personalized customer service, low processing fees, and offering our full suite of services to every customer for free. This includes free advertising and a dedicated product specialist to ensure that your business is leveraging all of our tools and features to achieve growth and cost savings.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Unlike our competitors, we personally work with all of our customers. None of our customers are numbers in a system. We understand their business models and needs. Therefore, in the event of a chargeback, not only do we have all the data to fight the chargeback, but we go to battle for our customers by understanding how the dispute originated. Conversely, large payment companies don’t take the time to fight chargebacks because maintaining their tier ratio is more important, and because they board merchants without understanding their models.
We offer two rate plans. The first is a flat rate of 2.5% per swipe or 3.2% plus 15 cents for every manual entry of card data. The second is a flat rate of 3% regardless of how it is entered. If you compare to our competitors, we are by far the cheapest.
You can always call your account manager any time for assistance, or call 859-977-9166 and we will be there to help. You will never talk to an operator.
Just tell your account manager that you would like to get some static ads and video ads. Your manager will then communicate with our graphic designer and ad specialists to put together a package valued at $1,000 for absolutely free. They will even strategize with you on how to advertise, and in some instances, we will assist with that too.
We’ve helped many customers work with their current contracts. We do not operate with any contracts, and would like the opportunity for you to take advantage of our free trial. We will assist you in dealing with your contract.
No. We are currently located in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, and Missouri, Illinois, and Arizona.
If you need more than one device, talk to your account manager. We have customers who have upwards of 10 devices, so we can certainly meet whatever need you have.