If you answered yes,
then it’s time you learn about Sky Rewardz:

A first-of-its-kind marketing program that keeps local consumers shopping at local businesses!

Sky Rewardz is a single rewards program for an entire network, compiled with 100s of local businesses that use Sky Systemz’s point of sale and payment processing services. Now, your business can reach every consumer in Kentucky!

-: Coming soon to :- Middle Tennessee, Central Florida, and St. Louis
The Sky is the limit for your business

100s of thousands of shoppers complete purchases at their local restaurants, tire shops, furniture stores, salons, and doctor offices everyday using Sky Systemz technology.

Sky Systemz is a no-contract, free cloud POS system that allows small businesses to reduce their costs with lower payment processing fees, optimize their business by moving it to the cloud, and grow it with new ways to get paid (online, invoicing, subscriptions, POS, etc.).

Sky Systemz has become one of the world’s fastest growing point of sale technology and payment companies.

How does Sky Rewardz work?

Sky is putting its growth to good use by rewarding consumers to shop local.

The consumer will gain points for every purchase at our 100s of local merchants when the receipt is texted to their phone.

The consumer will be told both on our Sky Terminal and on their texted receipt that

“You have earned points with your purchase. Download Sky Rewardz to redeem your reward from local businesses”

It’s fast and easy to start using the Rewardz app. There’s no registration.
  • 1Download the app
  • 2Enter your phone number
  • 3Confirm your number via text
  • 4See how many reward points you have earned and where to spend them
You can earn reward points at EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS that uses Sky Systemz.
  • 1When you are deciding on a place to eat, or where to get your animal groomed, or where to buy new tires, open the Sky Rewardz app and get rewarded for your purchase!
  • 2Better yet, Sky businesses create rewards (redeemable with points) so you get discounts and cash rewards for your support of local Sky businesses.
When you arrive at the business to redeem your reward
  • 1Show the cashier your reward
  • 2Cashier scans the reward
  • 3You receive discounted service or dollars off your purchase.
Every Sky Systemz merchant has their own Rewardz page to create and showcase rewards. While you do not have to create or offer rewards, Rewardz is far more effective at driving new consumers to your business when rewards are offered.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
You can offer percentage discounts, cash discounts, happy hour discounts, student discounts, and giveaways.
You do! We suggest $1 per 100 points, but you can be more aggressive or more conservative depending on how much traffic you want to bring in your store.
Initially, it is 1 point per $1 spent so a consumer earns 100 points per $100 spent in our network. Therefore, if you offer $1 per 100 points then you are essentially offering 1% back.
There will come a day when we charge a small fee to redeem rewards or a monthly fee, but for now and in the immediate future, it is 100% free. You can create rewards and redeem rewards for free.
Merchants that offer rewards are shown at the top followed by active Sky customers who do not offer rewards. They are grouped together and shown by distance to the consumer.
Yes! Sky will be very proactive in driving new business to your business by offering free rewards and offering credits to new users of our rewards program.