Operationz Suite by Sky Systemz Digital Payments & Best in Class FinTech

Sky Systemz is your business’s all-in-one solution for digital payments, credit card processing and all the features you need to operate your business. Our platform provides an Operationz Suite of software with sophisticated “bolt-on” technology ranging from our cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system to Invoicing to Digital Tickets. This allows our customers the flexibility to customize our platform to their desired user experience.

Let us show you how consolidating all of your business software under one roof reduces your expenses, increases efficiency and allows you more time to focus on running your business with ease.

Business Paymentz by Sky

Sky Systemz at its core is a business payment processing provider. Paymentz by Sky is your all-in-one solution for capturing payments in every way imaginable. Sky’s system processes all types of transactions from cash, card-on-file, card present, card not present, tips, authorize & capture, SMS, and more. Click the link, Paymentz by Sky, to learn more about the different payment types available to our customers.

Cloud POS

The backbone of Sky’s Operationz Suite is its Cloud POS. Sky’s advanced POS technology provides all the necessary features for a full service or delivery-focused restaurant, a sophisticated retailer, professional services or a small business that wants a simple keyboard to process payments quickly. With Sky’s “bolt-on” platform, our POS becomes what you need based on the features and layout you select.

Because our POS system is cloud-based, it instantly syncs and is able to support connections to unlimited devices; whether it's your personal PC, a tablet, a Sky Terminal or personal mobile devices, your team has in the field. Mobility and Flexibility is the key to our Operationz Suite, and as the operator, you have complete control of the business and user experience!

Bookingz by Sky

Sky provides your business with a simple and effortless booking system where your customers can book their desired time and day from your online store, followed by an automated confirmation email or text. After the customer books, you will receive an email confirmation of the latest booking and will be able to scan the customer's receipt at time of service with your Sky POS. Bookingz is easily managed from your Sky Dashboard via PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Learn how to use Digital Forms with Bookingz to collect the information you need and make important disclosures prior to delivering your service.

Invoicez by Sky

Invoicez by Sky may be the most important feature in the Sky Operationz Suite. Sky has created advanced invoicing and estimate software that is perfect for special invoicing needs, digital contracts, and in-the-field assessments. Our invoicing technology is so advanced that many Sky customers leverage it as a point-of-sale solution. Best of all, Invoicez is 100% free, which includes delivery via SMS.

Sky’s digital invoicing software works seamlessly with our Operationz Suite, utilizing the product, customer and user management software to make sending invoices quick and EZ!

SMS technology is the future of payment processing. It is the most efficient way to collect payment because 60% of customers open a text within 5 minutes and have a 10-15% higher click-through rate. So, not only can you send email estimates and invoices, you can send them via text message (which your customer can pay instantly from Google or Apple Pay on their phone)!

Integrated Online Store & Web Paymentz

Sky’s Integrated Online Store is the perfect solution for businesses who have their own websites, but are missing an e-store. Sky’s Online Store is operated directly by your POS. Add items to your e-store directly from your POS with a single checkbox. Items purchased online update the inventory in your POS and send notifications to your fulfillment team for shipping, or your store POS for preparation and delivery. No more having to update multiple platforms for managing your e-store!

If you do not have your own website, Sky also offers hosting and custom website design as part of our Pro Servicez division. We can build a custom website based on your vision. If you already have a website and online store but want to leverage Sky’s industry-low rates and platform of advanced business software features, you can integrate Sky’s processing directly into your existing website or online store with our easy-to-use API.

Requestz by Sky

Requestz by Sky is as simple as it sounds, requesting money from your customer by text or email. Requestz is a way to request money when it doesn’t require a formal estimate or invoice. For example, if your customer forgets their credit card at home, you can press the request button in your Sky POS which sends a link to the customer’s email address or mobile phone number. The customer receives a link to pay with their stored information, whether that be a stored card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Another 100% FREE feature that’s part of our Paymentz platform.

The Request feature also works great for accepting deposits or contactless payments

Subscriptionz by Sky

Subscriptionz by Sky is an effortless way for service providers to set up recurring payments (with a card on file) for their customers on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. You may also store cards without a payment schedule to run payments whenever needed.

Recurring payments is an especially valuable tool for businesses operating as a service provider such as cleaning and sanitation services, storage unit rental or even rental property managers. Recurring payments are a great way to streamline the payment process for your customers and guarantee automatic charges for your business.

Ticketz by Sky

Digital ticketing is another incredibly unique bolt-on technology offered by Sky Systemz. Our custom-built Ticketz system allows you to sell products or services online and redeem the ticket onsite. Each QR code is unique and is only scannable once. This allows for a streamlined entry and experience for your customers, without the service charges. This feature is extremely popular with our customers who host seasonal events, high school sports or concert venues!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Sky offers next day funding, so Sky Paymentz customers will receive any payments made on Monday by 9:00 PM ET on Tuesday. Any payments during the weekend will be received on Tuesday. More information can be found in our help center - https://support.skysystemz.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408459370644-When-will-I-typically-receive-deposits

Yes. After completing the 5 minute registration process you can immediately start processing payments by using the Sky Systemz mobile application ( App Store) ( Google Play) or by logging into SkySystemz.com you can take a manual payment. You will then receive an email and phone call from your dedicated account manager to assist with any hardware purchases and the setup of your Sky account.

Sky asks basic business and personal questions during registration, such as name, address, EIN, and banking information. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete our registration and begin processing payments. However, Sky uses next generation underwriting and verification technology to identify you as the business owner and to verify your business. If you do not answer questions accurately, we may ask additional questions or require documentation such as processing statements, drivers license, or business licenses for verification purposes.

Sky first attempts to verify your identity and ownership with the last 4 of your social security number. If we are unable to verify, we will require the full social security number to satisfy federal and state guidelines surrounding Knowing Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

Sky does sell equipment and offers special discount incentives for merchants that provide three recent processing statements. Sky also offers a $50 credit for every $5,000 processed in the first billing cycle for hardware purchases made during the first billing cycle. You can make purchases from the Sky online store

    Sky’s service is nationwide but our physical presence to offer personalized customer service and POS setups is in three states, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and the metropolitan areas of St. Louis and Orlando.

    Yes, Sky can assist with the transition and as a subscriber to Cloud Servicez we can rebuild your website if you prefer. This will keep all of your services, both in store and online in one place.

    Yes. Sky Cloud Servicez offers two plans with Pro and Pro+ to build, host, and maintain custom websites. The typical buildout time is 1-2 weeks.

    Sky’s support team and your dedicated account manager are available by text, email, or phone. We are always here when you need us.

    You currently cannot