Sky Support Services & Timeline

Free of Charge

Register with Sky

The first step in utilizing our software and service to grow your business is to complete our registration form. It takes 10 minutes to complete.

Installation with Demo

Your account manager will install Sky at your place of business within 7 days to process payments

Initial POS Setup

Sky’s Support team will help setup your POS with settings, users, and your menu within 7 days after the information is provided. Please note this could delay your installation and demo unless you provide the necessary information in a timely manner (7 days before installation)

Online Store Creation

If you wish to have an online store that seamlessly connects with your POS, our support team can create it for your business within 5 days (after POS setup)

Initial POS or Online Store Edits

If your POS or Online Store requires edits, we will make those changes within 48 hours after the initial setup.

Additional Products, Users, or Setting Changes

While most business customers make POS changes themselves, we are available if you request any changes to your settings. Please allow 48 hours for any requested changes.

Payment & Refund Confirmation

If you are unsure of a payment or want to verify a refund, please call or text our support line and we will respond same day if during normal business hours. Typically within the hour.

If you wish to have a complete POS setup and online store at the time of installation, please provide all necessary details and any instructions specific to your place of business when you sign up and we will deliver within 7 days

Sky Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

8:00 AM ET – 7:00 PM ET

Emergency support (payments not working)

TEXT US (faster response) at:

(859) 927-6526

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Unlike our competitors, we personally work with all of our customers. None of our customers are numbers in a system. We understand their business models and needs. Therefore, in the event of a chargeback, not only do we have all the data to fight the chargeback, but we go to battle for our customers by understanding how the dispute originated. Conversely, large payment companies don’t take the time to fight chargebacks because maintaining their tier ratio is more important, and because they board merchants without understanding their models.
We offer two rate plans. The first is a flat rate of 2.5% per swipe or 3.2% plus 15 cents for every manual entry of card data. The second is a flat rate of 3% regardless of how it is entered. If you compare to our competitors, we are by far the cheapest.
You can always call your account manager any time for assistance, or call 859-977-9166 and we will be there to help. You will never talk to an operator.
Just tell your account manager that you would like to get some static ads and video ads. Your manager will then communicate with our graphic designer and ad specialists to put together a package valued at $1,000 for absolutely free. They will even strategize with you on how to advertise, and in some instances, we will assist with that too.
We’ve helped many customers work with their current contracts. We do not operate with any contracts, and would like the opportunity for you to take advantage of our free trial. We will assist you in dealing with your contract.
No. We are currently located in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, and Missouri, Illinois, and Arizona.
If you need more than one device, talk to your account manager. We have customers who have upwards of 10 devices, so we can certainly meet whatever need you have.