Business Paymentz by Sky

Accept Payments for Your Business Quickly, Securely, nd Anyway You Want

Paymentz by Sky is your all-in-one solution for accepting and processing cards for your business. We Make Business EZ by ensuring each transaction for your business is quick, easy and secure. We do this while promising no hidden fees, at-will usage (no long term contracts) and the lowest rates in the industry. Lastly, Sky’s platform is built to fit the shape of your business. With our bolt-on technology, you are guaranteed to have everything your business needs regardless of the industry you operate in.

Processing Methods
In-Person Payments

In-Person payments are the most typical kind of payment when you think of accepting a payment. A person standing at a checkout counter and swiping your card. In-Person Payments are most often captured via cash or utilizing a POS System paired with a card swipe to process the customer’s physical credit card. Whether using a POS terminal, tablet or personal computer - Sky has multiple hardware options to fit the shape of your business.

Online Payments

Sky Systemz has multiple options to capture payments online from our integrated online store. If you have your own store, we can integrate! If you are starting from the ground up - Pro Servicez by Sky can build a website and online store for you. Our online store allows customers to easily add products, or services, with the simple press of a button.

Remote Payments

Sky’s Operationz Suite features multiple bolt-on technologies that allow you to capture payments remotely. These methods are typically via sending an invoice, setting up a recurring payment or subscription service, or sending a request for payment. These delivery methods obtain payment from a link sent to the customer via email or text.

Manual Payments

Manual payments occur typically over the phone. Customer calls in to pay their bill, verbally tells you their card number, and you manually key it into your Sky POS System, Web POS or quick entry with the Keyboard POS. You can use this same functionality to card on file and recurring payments.

Types of Payments

As they say, “Cash is King”! Sky’s Cloud POS is cash compatible with an available cash drawer option for your POS. Cash transactions can be entered into the Sky Dashboard and tracked into your daily revenue inside the system. And if customers pay in cash, there are no processing fees!


This is primarily the In-Person processing method, and offers a lower processing rate 2.45% + 10¢ per transaction, because the card is physically in your presence. Payments using the Sky Systemz mobile application, Terminal application, or Web point of sale by swipe (magstripe cards) or dip (EMV chip cards), and Apple or Google Pay are considered card-present transactions.


This type of payment is used when utilizing Online, Remote or Manual Payments, and has a slightly higher processing rate of 3.2% + 15¢ per transaction. This applies when taking payments by invoice, over-the-phone, manually entering card numbers on the Sky app, in the Sky online store, or in subscriptions and card-on-file payments.

Authorize and Capture

This can be a tricky subject to understand in the payment world. Two tasks need to happen to complete a transaction, the authorization and the capture. Authorization is a process that confirms that a customer has sufficient funds on their card to cover the charge amount. You may remember seeing ‘pending’ items in your online banking. That’s because these transactions are authorized and the money is earmarked for removal from your account. Capture is the manual process that removes the pending status and withdraws the money from your account. Thus, Authorize & Capture means that the authorization and capture of funds happen simultaneously, meaning that you do not have to remember to manually capture a pending transaction.


Most commonly used in the restaurant or professional services industries, tips are a way to capture additional payment for your worker who relies on tipping as a part of their income. Tips occur after a transaction is authorized. The transaction is then suspended in the system until the customer enters a tip amount and signs the receipt. After the tip is entered into the POS System, the amount is re-authorized and captured. Tips are stored and managed in the Sky Dashboard allowing management to know how much to pay out in tips at the end of the evening.

Next Steps

So, if you’re a medium-sized business looking for easy and secure digital payment for your business, look no further than Paymentz by Sky Systemz. Our Operations Suite of software is versatile and can handle all of your products, services, inventory, and merchant preferences. Not only do we provide the most versatile software available on the market, but we also offer “Pass the Fee" built right into your dashboard. Passing the Fee allows your customers to pay credit card processing fees, instead of cutting into your bottom line. This is optional but almost half of Sky merchants utilize this feature. If Pass the Fee is not for you, we still offer the lowest rates in the industry. If you process at least $20k a month, we are willing to negotiate customer pricing.

And at Sky, we like to offer a 30 day challenge. Sign up for free with no contracts or commitments. If after 30 days you aren’t satisfied with our software, services or rates, you can simply let us know you’d like to discontinue services. No hard feelings, but we don’t think you’ll want to switch back! To get started, please fill out the request form below and a member of our team will contact you within the next 24 hours!

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