Sky Helps Restaurants Take a ‘bite’ out of processing fees!
Sky POS is all you need to run your restaurant… in the store and online!
Sky Restaurant POS

Sky’s POS System was designed so it could be adaptable to our customer’s businesses. One of our top user groups are restaurants. Because of this we have built out additional functionality to allow restaurants to thrive with Sky POS. Whether you need a central station, mobile solutions for your servers or a kitchen monitor and printer; Sky has the technology to streamline your restaurant processes! And save your business a lot of money with the lowest rates in the industry!

Industry Low Rates & Free Software!

If you’ve worked with one of our competitors, you already know how much credit card processing fees are costing you! When you sign up for FREE with Sky, you get a restaurant account automatically set with the industry’s lowest rates. If you are a high volume company, $20k+ a month, contact us directly for wholesale pricing!

Or, if you’re tired of eating credit card processing fees, you can “pass the fee”. That means your customer pays a small surcharge for using a credit card, 3.25%, and Sky is 100% FREE for your restaurant to use! This encourages customers to pay in cash! And if it’s an issue for your customer, you can turn this feature off for a singular transaction.

The BEST Technology & Equipment

Sky’s POS System is fully customizable to the needs of your restaurant. Inside your Sky Dashboard you can create unlimited items for your menu, unlimited user accounts for your staff (with time clock functionality too), and so much more. We offer a complete suite of features to grow your business, and they are all FREE! We don’t nickel and dime you for more users or features.

Not only does Sky offer equipment, like a standard POS system, kitchen monitors, printers, but we also have portable units to allow your servers to accept contactless payment at the table, like the Wise E Smart Reader with a 5” touchscreen!

Sky is Helping Restaurants Survive the On-Going Pandemic!
Access, Edit, and Pay Open Orders

After the restaurant order is placed, or the service is complete, you can access the unpaid ticket from the “open orders” page on your mobile device.

As an administrator, you can open, review, edit, and pay any open ticket. However, your staff with PIN code access will only open and pay the tickets they created.

Likewise, if you use this feature for your service business, your staff may access open yet complete orders from any location by using their PIN code to take payments out in the field.

Hence, this functionality is perfect for the hospitality industry, but ideal for any service industry that creates estimates and provides services prior to payment.

Kitchen Monitor for Restaurants

Sky’s Kitchen Monitor keeps your restaurant running smoothly while orders come from different directions. Accept and organize dine-in, call-in, and online orders as they come in. This helps to optimize the functionality of your kitchen versus having paper tickets all over the place. AND unlike some of our competitors, Sky’s Kitchen monitor functionality is completely free!

Complete Suite of Services to Grow Your Restaurant

Sky is perfect for tableside, delivery, curbside, or window-service restaurants.

Leverage an online store that is fully connected with your restaurant’s point of sale system to maximize your food preparation time, service, and delivery.

Streamline your curbside to-go business by texting orders to your customers before their arrival. This allows you to deliver food to their vehicle with low wait times.

Embrace eCommerce and Contactless Payments with Technology from Sky
Contactless Payment

In a post-Covid world, contactless payment and online ordering is becoming more important than ever. Sky is perfect for tableside, delivery, curbside, or window-service restaurants. Not only can Sky provide your business the tools to process payments, we can also provide you the ability to take orders online by creating a website and / or webstore.

Your Total eCommerce Solution

With Sky’s cloud based technology, you will have complete control and access to all your business data in real time from anywhere in the world. With our Customer Management System, you’ll be able to create orders instantly, even with custom meal prep notes for the kitchen if needed. From the Sky Dashboard, you can create unlimited user accounts, with customizable permissions allowing your employees to see only what they need to see, while keeping track of their time and tips to export for payroll and bookkeeping purposes.

With our premium Cloud Servicez, we can create a fully functional website and webstore, or add a webstore to your existing site. We also offer web hosting, domain registration, logo creation Your restaurant will also gain the ability to sell online which 100% integrates with your POS System. Meaning you don’t have to pick up a phone to take an order!

Check out our DEMO site here -

Lastly, here at Sky we have a Customer Success team that is on-call to help you learn the full functionality of our software or provide support if you run into any issues. Sky really is an All-in-One solution for your restaurant!

Frequently Asked Questions

We serve as a convenient resource for users, customers, or readers to find solutions to
their queries without the need for direct contact with customer support

Sky offers next day funding, so Sky Paymentz customers will receive any payments made on Monday by 9:00 PM ET on Tuesday. Any payments during the weekend will be received on Tuesday. More information can be found in our help center -

Yes. After completing the 5 minute registration process you can immediately start processing payments by using the Sky Systemz mobile application ( App Store) ( Google Play) or by logging into you can take a manual payment. You will then receive an email and phone call from your dedicated account manager to assist with any hardware purchases and the setup of your Sky account.

Sky asks basic business and personal questions during registration, such as name, address, EIN, and banking information. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete our registration and begin processing payments. However, Sky uses next generation underwriting and verification technology to identify you as the business owner and to verify your business. If you do not answer questions accurately, we may ask additional questions or require documentation such as processing statements, drivers license, or business licenses for verification purposes.

Sky first attempts to verify your identity and ownership with the last 4 of your social security number. If we are unable to verify, we will require the full social security number to satisfy federal and state guidelines surrounding Knowing Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

Sky does sell equipment and offers special discount incentives for merchants that provide three recent processing statements. Sky also offers a $50 credit for every $5,000 processed in the first billing cycle for hardware purchases made during the first billing cycle. You can make purchases from the Sky online store

Sky’s service is nationwide but our physical presence to offer personalized customer service and POS setups is in three states, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and the metropolitan areas of St. Louis and Orlando.

Yes, Sky can assist with the transition and as a subscriber to Cloud Servicez we can rebuild your website if you prefer. This will keep all of your services, both in store and online in one place.

Yes. Sky Cloud Servicez offers two plans with Pro and Pro+ to build, host, and maintain custom websites. The typical buildout time is 1-2 weeks.

Sky’s support team and your dedicated account manager are available by text, email, or phone. We are always here when you need us.

Sky Systemz is not currently seeking investor capital, but your investment in our products and services helps us grow!