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The only payment dashboard that allows businesses to analyze the complete performance of their entire organization from all of their revenue channels.

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Add Products & Manage Inventory from the Application
Add new products on the go

Does your business have new products that come and go quickly? Do your prices change often? What about discounts and special offers? With Sky Systemz, your admin or anyone with permission can add products to your POS in seconds.

Manage your products and inventory

Once you add products in the system, you can visualize and edit whenever necessary directly from the app. Sky Systemz makes adding new inventory to existing products simple.

Store Multiple Accounts Or Enable PIN Code Options At Each Terminal

Sky Systemz is the only POS and business management software that enables oversight or the separation of employees, locations, or even different divisions within your organization. The versatility of Sky Systemz makes it perfect for small businesses with fewer than three employees or the largest of organizations with 100s of locations and 1,000s of employees. Regardless of your business size, these services are equally free to access by all customers.

Print Receipts Anywhere Tired of Saving All Your Paper Receipts?

Sky Systemz comes standard with three receipt options. You can print, email, or text customers their receipt.

You can always choose to have your customers digitally sign for purchases regardless of how you deliver their receipts.

Rather than saving all your merchant receipts in a filing cabinet, or delivering 100s of receipts to your accountant, Sky Systemz keeps a digital copy of the receipt and signature so you can access, print, or email any time its needed.

Need Tips? Have Many Employees Accepting Tips? We Are Perfect for the Service Industry!
Accept Checks with Confidence
Using Sky Systemz for Restaurant POS
No reason to spend 1,000s of dollars on a restaurant POS…. Sky Systemz has everything you need! Restaurants using Sky POS can save $2,000 per month!

Sky Systemz is so versatile that you can customize it to accept payments, perform back end functions, and become a sophisticated restaurant POS. Sky Systemz can literally work with any business No matter if you are a florist or own a chain of restaurants.... Sky Systemz has the tools and features you need to stay one step ahead.

Achieve a restaurant POS interface by modifying the Charge button to print orders to your kitchen and send the order to your open transactions. Bring the preview page into a split-screen to review orders before sending to the kitchen, and finally, customize your categories and products with as much detail as necessary.

Does this all sound a little too overwhelming? No worries. We will actually set up the cloud POS and necessary functions free of charge!

Access, Edit, and Pay Open Orders

After the restaurant order is placed, or the service is complete, you can access the unpaid ticket from the “open orders” page on your mobile device. As an administrator, you can open, review, edit, and pay any open ticket. owever, your staff with PIN code access will only be able to open and pay the tickets they created.

Likewise, if you use this feature for your service business, your staff will be able to access open yet complete orders from any location by using their PIN code to take payments out in the field. Hence, this functionality is perfect for the hospitality industry, but ideal for any service industry that creates estimates and provides services prior to payment.

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